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Home testing kits for detecting seminal fluid, human blood, and saliva.

The kit includes:

- A single-use HSA (Human Salivary Amylase) test cartridge for identifying the presence of human saliva in any stain, accompanied by a moisture desiccant and a pipette.

- A single-use HEM (Human Hemoglobin) test cartridge for detecting human blood in stains, also with a moisture desiccant and a pipette.

- A single-use PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test cartridge for seminal fluid detection in any stain, including a moisture desiccant and a pipette.

- Instructions for conducting HSA, PSA, and HEM detection tests at home.

- An evidence bag.

- Sterile gloves.

- A transfer pipette.

- A scalpel and cutting mat for tests requiring sample destruction.

- Sterile swabs for tests that do not destroy the sample.

- An empty microtube.

- A microtube filled with Phosphate Buffered Solution (PBS).

- A microtube stand integrated into the box lid.

- Delivers results in under 10 minutes.

- Includes a control line to verify the tests' accuracy.

- IMPORTANT: This is a test to be performed at home. No samples are to be sent back to us.

You will have the ability to do the following:

- Rapidly identify stains from seminal fluid, saliva, and human blood.

- Kit is suitable for examining stains on underwear, bed linens, towels, and beyond.

- Provides fast and dependable outcomes in 10 minutes or less possibly.

- Offers options for both non-destructive and destructive analysis.

- Applicable to any type of fabric or surface.



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